SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

SiteGround Affiliate Program is a marketing program Designed by the company to pay a certain amount of money to it's member who drives sales to the company through banner ads or affiliate link codes containing your referral id posted on your website, social media, email etc, so that when someone clicks on your ad or link and it resulted in a sale, you get a commission for the sale.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best, if not the best way to make money online and if you are a blogger why can't you monetize your site with an affiliate programs such as Namecheap and Domainking and SiteGround Affiliate program.


SiteGround is one of the most popular and best rated web hosting company in the WordPress community. Founded in sofia, Bulgaria in the year 2004 and have over 1.8 million domain owners all around the globe. They provides share hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers as well as email hosting and domain registration.

Reasons to trust SiteGround

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

If you want to start a self hosted WordPress blog, the first thing to do is to purchase your domain name and web hosting, although Namecheap is also good and you can also make money by joining their Affiliate program by clicking Here, but i recommend SiteGround which for me is the best web hosting service and here is the reasons why you have to trust and use SiteGround.

1. Unmatched speed / load time

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money
The main reason why SiteGround is the best web hosting service for bloggers is the load time. Load time refers to how quickly your website pages load.

If your website is slow, you will have a high bounce rate which is said to affect SEO ranking and also causes your readers to bounce from your site and migrate to the next site and if your aim is to have a profitable blog, you need an unmatched web site with fast load times.

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 2. advance security

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

Everytime, everyday, thousands of websites are getting hacked and one of the main reasons why these sites get hacked is because of poor security of their web hosts. Many people are losing their hard work just because someone hacked into their site.
When it comes to security, WordPress sites are always at risk. In fact, most sites which are hacked ran on WordPress. There are many ways to secure your website, but if your web hosting isn’t secure you can’t do anything about it.

The websites which get hacked are usually on free web hosts which provide little to no security. If a hosting company doesn’t provide good security you should ditch them at the moment and switch to a more secure web host.

Thankfully, SiteGround has an advanced security. It’s one of the most secure web hosts. If you are serious about your website security then SiteGround is the best choice for you.

3. Customer support

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

Did you know what SiteGround is famous for? It’s their support team and the way they solve their users’ problems within a short period of time. It doesn’t matter which plan you are making use of as the will come to your aid immediately. For many years now, SiteGround have never had any issues with their support system. The provide a good base for customer's to find their own quick answers or else, if you like, you can call them over the phone or hop on the 24/7 live chat.

The number one most important thing when choosing a hosting provider is how quickly they respond to questions and issues and SiteGround offers you more than that.

4. Good performance and uptime

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

SiteGround uptime performance has been nearly perfect. It's 99% average and rock solid uptime like this helps to make visitors to be happy. Just imagine that you finish a blog post and after promoting it and immediately your site goes down for 24 hours.

 Your promotional strategies are generating thousands of clicks, but they all landed on a dead site. As my fellow bloggers, I know that you can't afford for that to happen, which is why SiteGround is ideal for you. Because they has up to 4 technological advances that contribute to their awesome uptime namely

. Linux containers (XLT)
SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money
. Unique anti bot Al

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money
. pro active server monitoring

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

. Secured account isolation

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money


Under their service agreement, they guarantee network uptime of 99% on annual basis. If they ever fails to do so, they will compensate you with free months of hosting.

5. Multiple servers location and SSL certificates

Google Chrome, the most popular web browser in the world by a wide margin, has started actively warning people if the site they’re trying to reach doesn’t have an SSL certificate set up.
These help protect any private information sent back and forth between your device and the website, including personal details like your IP address. Left unsecured, hackers and others could easily intercept this personal information. So they’re looking out for your best interest here.
That makes SSL certificates which stand for secure socket layer will encrypt all data transmitted to and from other website and program and once your SSL certificate is installed, your website will be an HTTPS instead of HTTP and is a requirement on all websites today. And And thankfully, SiteGround offers all these for free on all plans.

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The other bit of good news comes in the form of a free Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network), too. These help take large files, like images, off your server to keep it blazing fast.
Plus, SiteGround uses multiple servers spread out over three continents to also make sure that your files are stored as closely as possible to site visitors for better website performance.

SiteGround Affiliate earning

SiteGround web hosting Affiliate program offers one of the best Affiliate commissions and there is no limit on your earning for as long as you continue making sales to the company. You get paid of $50 per sales through your affiliate account for referring.

SiteGround Affiliate commissions rate

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

There is no limit to what you can earn because, SiteGround will pay you for as long as you continue making sales to the company. Your monthly commission is calculated by the total number of sales you generated during a month. So to break it down, these are your expected earning

. For any 1-5 sales you generated, you get paid of $50/sale

2. For any 6-10 sales you generated, you get paid of $75/sales

3. For any 11-20 sales you generated, you get paid of $100/sales

. For any 21+ sales you generated, you get paid of$125/ sales.

Top reasons why SiteGround affiliate program pays such a huge money to it's affiliate marketers

I know right now you might be wondering why on earth SiteGround pays such a high commission to its affiliate marketers that is $50 per sale.

Think about it....

Web hosting is a product that website owners are making use of, at least, a minimum of 1-3 years or longer than.

If you refer a new customer and he purchase any of their plan (web hosting) and there is a probability that he will continue purchasing (using) the service in the long run. That means, you basically get SiteGround a lifelong customer for $50. Which means that they are in profits and also, you spared SiteGround more money the would have paid to an advertising agencies because, their Affiliate marketers will spread the word for them, so it's a win win situation for you and SiteGround.

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What is SiteGround affiliate link?

SiteGround affiliate link is a link that will be given to you upon registering for its affiliate program, with the sole aim of identifying who and who that drives sales to their company.

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

Best ways to promote your affiliate

1. By creating a you tube videos relating to SiteGround Affiliate program and placing your affiliate link in the description of the details area of the video.

2. Promote your affiliate link on your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and let your friends know the importance of using SiteGround web hosting plans and encourage them to click on your link Incase they needed a new domain name

3. Promote your affiliate link in your blog post if you are a blogger or in the description if you are a web site designer and encourage your audience to click on your link if they wanted to migrate to SiteGround or what ever, but make sure to encourage them to click on your link.

4. SiteGround has banners and logos that you can use on your website so as to help attract more sales and a higher commission rate

5. If you belong to any forums such as NairalandWarriorforum etc or any group on Facebook, you can easily promote your affiliate link there.or you can create a poll for SiteGround and ask members to vote on which hosting companies offers the best price, customer support, security, speed and load time and so on, thereby encouraging them about the benefits of using SiteGround as a web hosting service and also placing your link.

Where to find and use SiteGround Affiliate logo and banners

If you want to include a SiteGround logo on your website or promo materials, go to the banner tab in your affiliate area and click on the SiteGround logos item in the right side. The logos are available in.eps and several sizes of .png suitable for dark or white background.

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

Please take note that your SiteGround Affiliate link or code is not included there, so you have to add it to if want to use it for marketing.

For banners

In the banner section of your affiliate area you will find a large collection of affiliate banners divided in several ways. In other to find the banner that suits your needs the best, you can filter the banners based on size, theme and currency of the banner.

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

Once you select a banner, click on the "get a code" button next to the banner

This button will generate a unique code for you. Copy and paste the code in your website.

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

How to withdraw your SiteGround affiliate earning

In other to withdraw your affiliate earning on SiteGround, you need to supply the company your PayPal accounts

But bear in mind that your earnings are paid on Wednesday of every week following the first 30-40 days after you make sales.

For more explanation, if you generate a sale in the first week of January, you will receive your commission on the first Wednesday after 30 days from the sales date have passed, probably on the second Wednesday of February. And if you continue to generate sales each week afterwards, then expect to be paid every Wednesday after your first commission payment.

How to sign up for SiteGround Affiliate program

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

In other to register for SiteGround affiliate program Click here to take you to SiteGround registration page where you need to filled out a form such as contact details, email, website, PayPal accounts and so on.

SiteGround Affiliate Program, Reviews, Sign Up & Make Money

Click on join to register and once you are done, SiteGround will send you an email immediately your application is approved.

How to monitor sales activity and commission

SiteGround offers detailed statistics about the traffic and sales you generated as an affiliate. In order to check your statistics, follow this methods

 1. Login to your affiliate account and go to the stats and report tab in your affiliate area top menu. You will see all the track record of sales you generated until the time they have been approved for payment.
2. You will also be able to track traffic from your website to SiteGround and also monitor your earnings per click on the conversion report page.

3. The payment history helps you to keep track of all the withdrawal you made to your PayPal account.


SiteGround affiliate program can be a great source of income for bloggers. And having an insight knowledge of how and where to promote your affiliate link can make a huge difference on your overall income

Don't be discouraged if at first you fail to make a single sale but rather reevaluate your game plan and apply new tricks.