How To Make N500, N1000, N2000 Daily As A Naijahow Affiliate

How To Make N500, N1000, N2000 Daily As A Naijahow Affiliate
In this article, we are going to discuss how to make 500 naira, 1000 naira, 2000 naira daily as a naijahow activity earning program (NHAEP) in Nigeria from the comfort of your home.

Yes, you heard me right, because once you registered as a NHAEP member, you are automatically qualified to start generating, depending on your efforts, dedication and determination up to N500, N1000, N2000 or more than just by preforming a single activity online. 


Naijahow is a tech based tutorial website which enables all registered users to make money by performing site activities online.

Naijahow was launched on July, 2017 and has over hundreds of do it yourself (tutorials) to learn from. 

Unlike the NNU program, Naijahow was initiated to boost audience on the platform and also to reward it's users for their different activities on the platform ranging from post views, daily login, commenting to referring friends to register for Naijahow.

How Do Naijahow get they money the paid to its users

Naijahow, it's incomes are derived from affiliate and most importantly displaying of advertisement and NHAEP is in partnership agreement with top giant companies such as Google Adsense, Jumia and Konga.

According to one of the CEO of NHAEP, he said 'users are why we earn, we strongly believe it'll be encouraging to atleast give a little fraction of those earnings to our wonderful users.

How Do I Get Paid On Naijahow Activity Earning Program

Payment on Naijahow activity earning program are made on every Saturdays and Sundays and it's being paid directly to the account information provided by the user upon registration.


Minimum withdrawal is NH2,000 only.

How To Make N500, N1000, N2000 Daily On Naijahow Activity Earning Program

Before you start making money online from the comfort of your home on NHAEP, you need to sign up and also purchase a one time registration pack of N1100 registration fee so as to distinguish between serious and unserious members. So as to make sure the platform has serious and committed members.

Each member's can then make up to 500, 1000, 2000 naira online by various streams such as daily login, commenting, email subscription, posts views and affiliate earning.

Earning Strategies Of NHAEP

  • NH50 for sign up bonus
  • NH20 for daily login
  • NH5 for commenting
  • NH2 for post view
  • NH500 for referral sign up
  • NH100 for post/tut creation
  • NH50 for sponsorship post
  • NH10 for email subscription and many more

* NH is a short form of NHAEP and it's equivalent to Naira.
NH10 = N10

How To Sign Up For Naijahow Activity Earning Program In Nigeria

In order to sign up and become NHAEP member, go to their home page at and fill out the forms or you can simply click here to instantly fill out the forms.


Naijahow activity earning program in Nigeria is a great way to earn cool cash online daily