How To Join The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program In Nigeria

How To Join The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program In Nigeria
Good news for everyone because finally GTBank  has introduced it's affiliate program known as the I-Refer program. The GTBank I-Refer program is a customer referral scheme designed to reward Gtbank customers for inviting their friends, colleagues and families open and maintain GTBank accounts so as a blogger, why can't you grab this opportunity and monetize your site. If you are a work from home mom, why can't you join the GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program right here in Nigeria.

All about GTBank 

How To Join The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program In Nigeria

Guarantee trust Bank plc (GTBank) was introduced as a limited liability company licensed to provide commercial and other banking services to the Nigerian public in 1990, and since then expand and become one of the most trusted, respected and service focused banks in Nigeria. In 2003, GTBank was granted a universal banking license and later appointed a settlement bank by the central bank of Nigeria (CNN).

GTBank Affiliate Program

How To Join The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program In Nigeria

GTBank Affiliate Program gives you an advantage over other banks in Nigeria because they are not only content with you saving money for future use, but they are also giving you the opportunity to make money from them through what is called "GTBank I-Refer Program".

How Does The GTBank I-Refer Program Works

Unlike Etisalat Affiliate Program, the GTBank I-Refer Program allows you to earn some cool cash but in exchange for inviting someone who has to open and maintain an account with them through your referral code that will be given to you upon registration.

Their are many companies unlike GTBank I-Refer Program that offers you the chance to make an extra income both Online and offline such as SiteGroundMerrybet, DomainkingNamecheap etc. Try them out and smiles to the bank.

How To Join The GTBank Affiliate Program In Nigeria

How To Join The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program In Nigeria

In order to join the GTBank affiliate program in Nigeria, you have to abide by the following rules

1. Submit a GTBank I-Refer form via any of the given methods

. GTBank internet banking platform
. GTBank branches nationwide

2. An I-Refer GTBank code which serves as an affiliate link will be given to you upon registration so as to use it to refer your family or friends

3. Your referral will receive an email telling them to open an account with the bank

4. You will receive a cash reward for every successful referral you make, you can refer as many people as you want because your reward is non stop.

Terms and conditions before you start earning money from GTBank affiliate program

As you know, their are rules and regulations guiding any business true or false? So GTBank is no different and this are the following rules you need to abide before you get paid

  • In order to get paid your commission for referring customer's to GTBank, make sure the referral code is correct
  • Prospect may only be introduced by existing individual GTBank customers whose account are active (referrals)
  • The person you referred needs to be active for at least 1 month
  • The account should make at least one transaction within a month
  • The account should have an active GTBank naira master card
Only the following accounts (referral account) can be opened under the scheme, GTCreat8 eSavers Account, GTSave Account, GTInstant Account, E-Account, Current Account, GTMax and Seniors Account.

GTBank I-Refer Affiliate Program Commission Rate

I know you might find it funny if i say that N100 is GTBank affiliate commission rate. But that's true, don't be discouraged by that because the more people you get the more your earning increases.


The GTBank I-Refer Affiliate program is a way to make extra money no matter how little it is. Don't be discouraged but try your best to find a way to promote your code or link for the aim of increasing your income.