How to send bulk sms to all networks in Nigeria

How to send bulk sms to all networks in Nigeria

Wondering how to send bulk sms to all networks in Nigeria?. Because nowadays, advertising business is in a period of sudden economic rise and marketing through bulk sms is very very costly but also, a very good way in which one can spread advertisement easily through the use of SMS with the help of your laptop/pc or mobile phone with an internet connectivity. Most importantly, software is required for sending and receiving bulk messages. these software packages provide users with the opportunity to add more than one numbers. Most bulk SMS services are making use of the APIs (application programming interfaces). Which enables programmers to add sms functionality to any programs such as, Email, FTP(file transfer protocol), SMPP(short message peer to peer) and HTTP(hypertext transfer protocol).


There are two packages one can choose before sending bulk SMS to people, namely the Reseller and the Enterprise.


Reseller also known as value added reseller(VAR). It's suitable for advertising agencies or marketing companies who wants to sell bulk SMS under their own brand name. Or you can select a good bulk SMS service provider company and becomes it's reseller, and a white label panel with Android app and one reseller account will be given to you. And under this account, reseller can then create further users and can resell on its own price.


This is suitable for established businesses in SMS messaging, VOIP aggregator, carriers etc. Who wants to make use of their own method for sms traffic or host their own short codes on a software.

How to send bulk sms from phone

You can send bulk messages to all your contacts on your mobile device by making use of the following tricks

1. by installing what we called a multi texter bulk SMS app on your mobile devices or you can sign up Here

How to send bulk SMS to all networks in Nigeria
2. Click on the registration button in other to fill out a form and register.

3. Once the registration is completed, you can now login with your email and password.

4. Click the top left icon and click on load credit in other to buy bulk SMS. You can also pay online via your debit card, or make a mobile transfer, ATM machine transfer or bank deposit.

5. An SMS unit will be credited to you after payment.
6. Now, compose all your messages and input all phone numbers and click on the icon that is located on the recipients box .

7. Once being done, two options will be given to you such as, phone contact and multi texter contact list, select the phone contact on the pop out and add up the numbers you want to send to and click on add.
And then click on continue in other for bulk SMS to be delivered to all your phone contacts immediately.

Importance of using bulk SMS services 

How to send bulk SMS to all networks in Nigeria
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Sms remains an essential part of communication and marketing strategies that provides a simple and cost effective way of interacting with customers. It's importance are hard to ignore. Below we outline just a few.

1. Higher open rate than E-mail

One of the biggest importance of SMS marketing is the fact that text are opened up to 98% of the time when being received by customers. This gives sms and open rate higher than all other advertising agencies. 
It's easy for emails to get lost in a spam folder, but with the presence of mobile phones and the popularity of texting, text marketing can't be ignored because more often than not, customers will open that text and read it's contents.

2. Cost effective

Bulk-sms marketing is more affordable when being compared with other marketing agencies such as Facebook ads,  newspaper ads, TV commercial and all forms of advertising agencies.
Bulk SMS marketing has a low setup and running costs that campaigns can be launched and executed for a small amount of money.

3. Highly targeted

Gone are the days when business owners and marketing managers used to send out marketing messages to people in hope that they would land on their target audience. Nowadays, it's very important for a company to make sure that their marketing messages are highly targeted as possible. Bulk SMS services or marketing is what we called permission based. I.e. those who receive the messages, would either have a relationship with you or have previously agreed to receive marketing messages from you.

4. Short message

Sms is not an essay, the 160 character length of sms is a boom for marketers which is 1 sms credit. it enables you to be clear, precise and concise so that it will be much easier for customers to read the message. And finally, it also saves money and time through scheduling of sms components, where you can organize your sms marketing campaigns for later dates

Cost of bulk SMS services in Nigeria

To know the latest bulk SMS prices in Nigeria Click here to redirect you to a page where you will see all the latest prices.