Merrybet mobile | learn how to make money with your merrybet affiliate program

Merrybet mobile

Merrybet mobile are for those who are finding it very difficult to login to their account page because they are making use of their lite mobile device/phone. Worry not because in this post you are not only going to learn how to log in to your account but also learn how to make money with what I called " referral link ". But before i commence it is imperative to first have a clear understanding of what the term, referral link is all about.
referral link is a link that companies gives to an individual upon registering for their affiliate program, for the purpose of identifying who and who that drives sales to their company.

To easily take you to a page where you have to in put your merrybet account log in details Click here for lite mobile phone users or Here for smart/tablet phone users.

How to make money with your merrybet affiliate link

Merrybet mobile

Before you start making money with your account you need to first, sign up in other to qualify as a member and get 30% commission for how much each of your referrals has lost in the company after a period of 60 days from the day he/she registerd. Now, mathematically, let's assume that you referred 3 people A,B and C before the end of 60 days period, A have lost a total of N100,000, and B lost N60,000 and C lost N40,000 at the end of 60days from the registration date, you will get N30,000 for referring A, N18,000 for B and N12,000 for referring C that is, merrybet company will credit your account with the total sum of N60,000 at the end of 60days.

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How to register on merrybet

 To register as a member, Click here to to easily take you to the registration page of where you need to fill out a form in other to become a member and start making money with your link without necessarily predicting the outcome of the match.

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 How to promote your affiliate link

. Social media sites
Social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

. Website and blogs
Promote your link by writing an article about the company thereby inputing

. Email subscribers
Ask your email subscribers to please click on your link in other to sign up 

. Forums such as nairaland, quora, Reddit, warrior forums etc.


My dear readers hope in this post you truly understood how to login easily to merrybet mobile account and also understood how you can be able to make money with your account