Domainking affiliate program reviews | A step by step guide for newbies

Domainking affiliate program review

In this post, we are going to review to you everything you needed to know about domainking affiliate program in other for you to sign up and start making money online, but before we begins it's advisable to first understand what the term " " is all about. is a global domain registrar accredited with many Asian and African Registeries, that offers wide range of services such as domain name, web hosting and tools that helps grow your business.
They  launch a campaign called " affiliate program" which is designed to help you make money online but in exchange for referring someone who buys a web hosting or blog hosting plan from them through your referral link which will be giving to you upon registration.
These affiliate programs serve as a contract between you (affiliate) and domainking.

Domainking affiliate program

Domainking affiliate program

Do you know that domainking affiliate marketing is one of the, if not the best affiliate programs especially in Nigeria. Because they offer huge amount of money for any sales you generated to the company. 80% commission? Wow that's a lot of money to earn from this great company. But the best and easiest way to make money online through domainking affiliate program is by making use of the following tricks.

1. Blogging

As a blogger, you are likely to paste your affiliate link in your HTML code in other to advertise it and encourage people to click on your link when reading your articles.

2. Website designing

 As a website designer, you are likely to receive orders from your customers to design blogs for them, thereby giving you the opportunity to make use of your affiliate link so as to get a commission for the hosting sales.

3. Social media

You can advertise your link by copy and pasting it on your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and so on.

How to register for domainking affiliate program

1: go to or you can easily sign up by clicking here

2. You will be directed to the account registration page where you will need to input your details.

3: After filling your details, click on "click to continue" button to complete your sign up process.

4: click on the "affiliate" link in the top right menu bar in other to activate your affiliate link and once being activated, You will now get a referral link which you will use to refer people to for profits

5: share your link with your audience and start referring clients and earn 80% of each order made by them from your affiliate program.

Reasons to put your trust in

. Domainking is one of the, if not the best web hosting company in Nigeria and the world in general that offers cheap internet registration and cheap web hosting services.

. You earn N500 (1.38$) as a welcome bonus immidiately you sign up as an affiliate marketer

. They offers 80% for every web hosting sales

. they are trusted and reliable company that provides good web hosting plan

. They provide the best and fastest customer support in the industry, because you get premium support from their highly trained staff with zero wait time on chat support and no less than 10 minutes response time for all tickets and emails.

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