Namecheap affiliate program reviews for Newbies

Namecheap affiliate marketing guide

In this article, am going to show you the hidden ways to make money online through namecheap affiliate program just for you. Making money online through web hosting companies is the dream of thousands of people worldwide but most importantly website and blog owners. But before we commence it is imperative to first have a clear understanding of what the term "namecheap affiliate" is all about.

Namecheap affiliate program

Namecheap affiliate program is a marketing program whereby the company paid a certain fixed amount of money to it's members in exchange for driving new sales to the company through their so called "affiliate link".

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Namecheap affiliate link

A referral link is a link that companies gives to an individual upon registering for their affiliate program for the purpose of identifying who and who that drives sales to the company.

Reasons to trust namecheap affiliate program

High conversion
Since 2000, namecheap has been building a reputation and they are now one of the, if not the best web finest provider of domain registration, web hosting system and an SSL certificate. 

Regular payout
As an affiliate, you earn 15 -30% commission, immidiately a customer purchase an item on namecheap via your link. And they make sure it's no hassle to collect your commission. But bear it in mind that payouts usually took place 30 days after purchase.

Quick and easy setup
It takes only a few minutes to place a namecheap affiliate link on your site and start generating commissions and more importantly their support team is just a few clicks away to respond to your questions. Just like in Domainking affiliate program.

How to sign-up for Namecheap affiliate program?

Namecheap affiliate program sign up

Nope, sign up is absolutely free of charge.
But you can sign up to namecheap affiliate program using this 3 methods
1. Impact Radius
2. Commission Junction 3.  ShareAsale

Impact Radius
They provides more accurate tracking, robust crediting logic and enhqenha reporting capabilities. It also boast new ad types and a new publisher interface that will enable you to track your performance and payments status.

Commission Junction
They provides the opportunity to sell namecheap products as well as other related offerings. This is the best affiliate marketers can sign up for.

Affiliate marketers who use this platform can add namecheap products to their inventory of offerings. Creatives are updated regularly.

How to promote and make money with namecheap affiliate links

You can make money with your affiliate link by making use of the following methods

. Share your links media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

. Create a YouTube videos about namecheap offers and leave your referral link in the description

. By placing your namecheap promotional banner or text link on your website or blog

Namecheap affiliate commission rate

Bellow is the default commission rates offers in all their affiliate platforms (Impact Radius, Commission junction and shareAsale): 

. You get 20% commissions on any domains sales you make through your affiliate link

. You get 35% commission on any Hosting packages (Stellar, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated servers plans) you sales.
. You get 35% of any SSL certificates you generated

. You get 20% of any private emails you generated

. You get 20% of any premium DNS you sales.

Now that you have finished reading my content, hope you really understood everything concerning Namecheap affiliate program and ways to make money with it. 

Thanks for reading my content and if you have any questions please don't forget to share your opinion by making use of the comments section below. Thanks