Best Egg Laying Chicken Breeds

Best Egg Laying Chicken breeds

Nowadays, most chicken farmers all over the globe tends to raise some breeds of chickens on their own  backyard or any place the feel like for the purpose of producing fresh eggs for family consumption or for marketing.
You will bear me witness that the joy and happiness of a chicken farmer is wakening up one early morning to notice that there breeds of chicken has started laying some fresh eggs.
But one thing most chicken farmers don't understand is that the breed of chicken you get makes a huge difference on the amount of eggs you should be expecting because some chickens lays eggs more prolifically than the other varieties.
So if you want to keep chickens for eggs, it is a advisable to choose the best Egg Laying Chicken breeds that produce the most eggs.

I'd like to help you by sparing you the trouble of purchasing and raising the baby chicks that will grow up one day to be a liability when it comes to supplying you with eggs for breakfast or for marketing joy.
Chickens comes in all shapes, colours and sizes with different innate abilities to produce eggs.
so if you're thinking of getting a backyard chicken breed.

Here is the list of my favorite best egg Laying chicken breeds for you.

. Lohmann brown chicken breed:

Best Egg Laying Chicken breeds

Best Egg Laying Chicken breeds

The Lohmann brown chicken breed is a registered trademark of the world's largest producer of egg laying hens, which has it's headquarters in Cuxhaven in the northern German state of lower Saxony. It is of a hybrid origin which were regularly used by commercial chicken farmers because of their Egg quality. They often start egg production earlier than others usually on the 14 weeks. It is found in almost all part of the world.

Size: medium about 3.5-4.6 ibs

Temperament: friendly and adaptable

Egg size & colour: very large, brown

Laying rate: up to 300 brown eggs per year

Life expectancy: 10 years with about 2 years of good laying.

Australorp chicken breed:

The Australorp chicken breed, also known as the black orpington, was first developed as a utility breed in Australia in the 1920s mainly for egg production rather  than for it's meat. They are also known to be good nest sitters and mother's.
The comes with two sizes namely batam and standard sizes with different colours such as black,white and blue. They hold the record as the most laid egg in a grafton contest in 1923-24 with 347 eggs  being laid in a year. these record prompted poultry men all around the globe to take notice of this breed. The Australorp chicken breed didn't lay up to 300 eggs when it was introduced in the UK, reasons still remains unknown

Size: large about 3.20-4.30 kg or 7-8 ibs

Temperament: friendly and loveable,calm and not pushy

Egg size and colour: large and brown

Laying rate: 250-320 brown eggs per year

Life expectancy: between 6-10 years

Hardiness: The can withstand cold winter temperature and hot weather because of its heavy weight.

Rhode island red:

The Rhode Island Red chicken breed is an American breed of domestic chicken. Developed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the mid 1840s. Mostly known for it's egg laying abilities and for it's hardiness. It is well known all over the globe and is thriving even in the face of the modern industrial hens and intensive farming practices as one of the most successful laying chicken breed worldwide.

Size: 3.9 kg(8.6 Ibs), batam 965g( 34.0 oz)

Temperament: Rhode Island Red chicken breed are calm, friendly and active but sometimes it can be a little bit aggressive.

Egg size and colour: large and brown

Laying rate: 200-300 brown eggs per year.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years with about 3 years of good laying.

Leghorns chicken breed

Best Egg Laying Chicken breeds

Leghorn chicken breed we're originated from Italy, in Tuscany. It was initially called the"Italians" in 1828, but by 1865 the breed was called the "leghorns" by the traditional anglicisation of Livorno. It was introduced to Britain from the United States in the year 1870. It was used as layer chicken in almost all countries of the world most notably known for it's egg production. There are several colours of leghorns chicken breed that are accepted into the American standard of perfection namely white, black, black tail red, dark brown, light brown and silver etc.
Leghorns chicken are such productive egg layers, they don't become broody often and are not known for sitting on the eggs to term.

Size: 2.4-2.7kg(5.3-6.0 Ibs) for cock while 2.0-2.3 kg for hen

Temperament: flighty and an unfriendly chicken

Egg sizes and colour: they are one of the most unique breed with a full white body and a large thick red comb. These eggs are white and medium sizes

Laying rate: around 280-320 eggs per year

Life expectancy: their lifespan is less than the average bird they live to be around 4-6 years.

Plymouth Rock chicken breed:

Best Egg Laying Chicken breeds

It is an American breed of domestic chicken which was first seen in the nineteen century in Massachusetts and was first exhibited as a breed in 1869 and was mostly popular very rapidly and infact, until world war 11, no breed was ever kept and breed as extensively as the barred Plymouths rocks. The Plymouth Rock is known for it's meat and eggs production.

Size: 3.4 kg (7.5 Ibs) for hen 2.95 kg (6.5Ibs)

Temperament: friendly and calm

Egg size and colour: large and brown

Laying rate: About 200 eggs per year

Life expectancy: the life expectancy of Plymouth Rock depends on how well they are cared for. Approximately 6-12 years.

Welsummer chicken breed:

Best Egg Laying Chicken breeds

The welsummer chicken breed originated in the small village of welsummer, in the eastern Netherlands. In the 1900s, it was first imported into the country in 1928 and was mainly popular due to it's colourful egg production.

Size: 3.75-3.25 kg for cock and 2.0-2.5 kg for hen

Temperament: calm, friendly, bears confinement well and quiet

Egg size and colour: large and dark brown

Laying rate: up to 180 dark brown eggs per year

Life expectancy: they can live for approximately 6-8 years, but have been known to reach up to 10-12 years.

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