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latest Ankara Styles ln nigeria 2019
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In this post am going to show you the latest ankara styles in Nigeria from A-Z so that you can choose what to wear for your occasion in other to look unique and gorgeous in the eyes of the people. ankara dress is a hot trends both in Africa and the world as a whole.

Ankara Styles

Ankara fabrics also known as "Ankara print" "african was prints" "african print" "dutch wax". Is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns usually a colourful cloth associated with africans because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs.

The African wax print(Ankara) that was popular in West Africa especially Nigerians was created in Indonesia before the colonization of the Indonesian by the dutch. normal, the fabrics are sold in 12 yards as full piece or 6 yards as half piece with many colours.

Fabric started off as an imitation of the Indonesian batik which was locally produced in Javanese through the dutch companies.during the dutch colonization of Indonesia,the dutch merchants and administrators became familiar with the batik techniques.largely,due to the contact, being signed by the owners of textile factories in the Netherlands.

Today the Ankara styles has proven to be versatile and is now being recognized and used globally, becoming a must have in the wardrobes of every fashion conscious individuals, irrespective of their culture or origin.

Here is our best Ankara Styles ln Nigeria
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