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Have you ever wondered how to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you?. Are you a type who is tired of seeing someone you love being completely snatch away from you?. Just know that you are not alone as there are thousands of guys out there who also shares the same fate as yours. But this shouldn't be a problem when you have the right words to say,by right words I mean sweet and romantic words which works instantly just like magic.

Learn how to toast a girl and be able to win her heart with these simple tricks,I promise you that you ain't going to lose that beautiful damsel ever again to someone else by applying this simple and unique formula.
But in other for this to work,you need to have what we called "self confidence".you need to believe in yourself and if you are a shy shy type, you have to completely banish that spirit of shyness in you in other to be successful in your mission.

How to toast a girl and make her to fall in love with you

There are three different ways to toast a lady namely: on the road,on the phone and online.

How to toast a girl n the road:

Toasting a girl on the street is not a child play because any little mistake might lead to you being embarrassed by the girl. Think of people who are watching you, so be very careful in implementing these unique formula.
.when you meet a girl on the street for the first time try to make an eye contact and if she looks back meeh you are hitting the jackpot.
.walk straight to her and and try to open up a conversation with her by first introducing yourself.dont try to overdue it, but keep it simple.
.start with,"hello pretty angel,my name is-------, and if you don't mind I would like to know yours.. don't allow her to alter a word, continue immidiately by saying,"never mind cause my instinct already told me that you are going to say nope.
.now in this case, she might say her name and immidiately, complement her name by saying,"wow what a lovely name".
. don't be too faster than your shadow by wanting to know her state of origin, otherwise there is a 50/50% chances she might not respond.but rather go with,"wow your pretty name sounds like you are from ----". quote any place of your choice.
.she might respond by saying no am from so so place.
. complement her state of origin and also let her knows yours.
.close the conversation by saying i would be happy if you allow me to be your friend, hope you never her responding by saying I would be happy also.

How to toast a girl on the phone

Toasting a lady on the phone is considered by many as the most  easiest way to get a lady to fall in love with you easily. When calling a girl on the phone  first thing to do is to pick a good time to call.when you speak to her, make sure she's not in a hurry to get off the phone but call her when she has free time.

When calling a girl, start with,"hello am ---and if you don't mind, hope am speaking with -----.wait for her to say yes how may I help you.
.go ahead and be bold enough to state your purpose of calling.
.also try to know her state of origin,her parents occupation
.try to make her happy by telling her stories and funny things
. concludes by saying goodbye I love you.

How to toast a girl online

Toasting a girl online is similar to toasting a girl on phone
.first thing to do is to add her as your friend and when she is online message her.
.to message her, start with greatings and complement her look.example ,"hello pretty lady,how is you,".

.she might reply by saying am fine, what about you.continue by saying of course you supposed to be fine because an angel like you should be happy always,anyway am fine as long as you are fine.
.am very honoured and excited to be given a chance to chat with an angel like you, thank you so this point, she will be more than happy to continue charting with you and also would be more than happy to know more about you.
.now is time to state your reasons for charting with her.

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