How to add your blog to opera news feed

how to add your blog to opera news feed

Adding your blog post to opera mini news feed can be frustrating at times, but i guess you have no clear understanding how many website/blog owners out there are making it big from the blogging world based on the traffic they are generating from opera mini news feed. True or false. Now Take for instance, immidiately you launch your opera browser, and wanted to type in your keywords in their search query,first thing you will notice is the large arrays of news being displayed on their default homepage.true or false?

But before we dive into the matter,let's first understand what the term,"opera mini" is all about.

Opera mini news feed

Opera mini news feed is a mobile web browser being developed by the opera software company and it's one of the world's most popular web browser that works on any phones both the java platform,android and iOS that displayed all types of news 24/7 worldwide.
In July 2012,opera software reported that opera mini had 168.8 million users worldwide as of March 2012,opera had 300 million users and up to 150 million page viewers in February 2013,in 2018 it has 350 million users and up to 200 billion page viewers.

Right now, just imagine the kind of traffic and money you will be getting once your site post started featuring on opera mini news feed.

To install an opera mini browser on your device/mobile phone Click here and if you already has it,let's move over to the next topic

Opera mini owner

Opera mini Web browser was founded by Jon Stephenson Von Tetzcher and Geiv Iversoy from Norway in the year 1995  as an independent company.
Initially it was created to continue what was originally a research project at Telenor, the largest Norwegian telecommunication company.

Jon Stephenson Von Tetzcher
How to add your blog to opera news feed
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Geiv Iversoy
How to add your blog to opera news feed
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What to gain by adding your blog to opera mini news feed

As a website/blogg owners, you can generate your income by what we called "the readers page" and the"blogging way".

The readers page

 is a process by which opera mini owners runs an advertisement on the page,it benefits is that 50% of revenue that is being generated are being shared among websites/bloggs get paid immidiately your earnings reaches up to $99.99.

The blogging way

As a webmaster (owner) you must be running some sort of advertisement on your site, either through Google AdSense or through or any other platforms.and when a reader or visitors clicks on the read more button from opera news feed and landed on your site,they will be tempted to click on any advertising the found interested in your site.


In other to qualify, your website/blogg must adhere to the following rules

Your site must be SEO friendly

your site must have a responsive template.

How to get your website on opera news

Open your email account and click on compose a message on recipient.

type and list out your intentions.

Click send and wait for some days for their agent to give you a reply

once the approved your request,immidiately, follow the instructions that will be handed over to you by their agent and wait for some weeks in other for them to review your work.

once being done accurately, wow, finally, you will start getting a large traffic daily because, you have added your blog  to Opera mini news feed.