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latest ankara styles In Nigeria 2019

Every women in Nigeria and africans as a whole loves putting on the Ankara dress because of its unique and gorgeous is a hot trends both in Africa and the world as a whole. 

But my question is what is the meaning of this Ankara dress.

Ankara fabrics also known as "Ankara print" "african was prints" "african print" "dutch wax". Is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns usually a colourful cloth associated with africans because of its tribal-like patterns and motifs.

The African wax print(Ankara) that was popular in West Africa especially Nigerians was created in Indonesia before the colonization of the Indonesian by the dutch. normal, the fabrics are sold in 12 yards as full piece or 6 yards as half piece with many colours.

Fabric started off as an imitation of the Indonesian batik which was locally produced in Javanese through the dutch companies.during the dutch colonization of Indonesia,the dutch merchants and administrators became familiar with the batik techniques.largely,due to the contact, being signed by the owners of textile factories in the Netherlands.

Today the Ankara styles has proven to be versatile and is now being recognized and used globally, becoming a must have in the wardrobes of every fashion conscious individuals, irrespective of their culture or origin.

Here is our latest Ankara Styles ln Nigeria 2019
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Ankara styles-latest gown for ladies

First let's understand what the term "Ankara fabric" is all about.
Ankara styles or fashion is the vibrant and most attractive African wax print pattern of dress that have dominated the international clothing industries.which was first originated from Dutch (holland).
It has become a fashion trend for people in West African.affluent and even celebrities all over the globe put on the unique and beautiful styles of Ankara fabrics.
Everybody who put on the Ankara fabric will wow everyone on the street, church, place of work or anywhere because Ankara dress is such a thing of beauty.
Here is our latest pictures of ankara styles latest gown for ladies 2019

How to toast a girl and make her to fall in love with you

Have you ever wondered how to toast a girl and make her fall in love with you?. Are you a type who is tired of seeing someone you love being completely snatch away from you?. Just know that you are not alone as there are thousands of guys out there who also shares the same fate as yours. But this shouldn't be a problem when you have the right words to say,by right words I mean sweet and romantic words which works instantly just like magic.

Learn how to toast a girl and be able to win her heart with these simple tricks,I promise you that you ain't going to lose that beautiful damsel ever again to someone else by applying this simple and unique formula.
But in other for this to work,you need to have what we called "self confidence".you need to believe in yourself and if you are a shy shy type, you have to completely banish that spirit of shyness in you in other to be successful in your mission.

How to toast a girl and make her to fall in love with you

There are three different ways to toast a lady namely: on the road,on the phone and online.

On the road:

Toasting a girl on the street is not a child play because any little mistake might lead to you being embarrassed by the girl. Think of people who are watching you, so be very careful in implementing these unique formula.
.when you meet a girl on the street for the first time try to make an eye contact and if she looks back meeh you are hitting the jackpot.
.walk straight to her and and try to open up a conversation with her by first introducing yourself.dont try to overdue it, but keep it simple.
.start with,"hello pretty angel,my name is-------, and if you don't mind I would like to know yours.. don't allow her to alter a word, continue immidiately by saying,"never mind cause my instinct already told me that you are going to say nope.
.now in this case, she might say her name and immidiately, complement her name by saying,"wow what a lovely name".
. don't be too faster than your shadow by wanting to know her state of origin, otherwise there is a 50/50% chances she might not respond.but rather go with,"wow your pretty name sounds like you are from ----". quote any place of your choice.
.she might respond by saying no am from so so place.
. complement her state of origin and also let her knows yours.
.close the conversation by saying i would be happy if you allow me to be your friend, hope you never her responding by saying I would be happy also.

On the phone

Toasting a lady on the phone is considered by many as the most  easiest way to get a lady to fall in love with you easily. When calling a girl on the phone  first thing to do is to pick a good time to call.when you speak to her, make sure she's not in a hurry to get off the phone but call her when she has free time.

When calling a girl, start with,"hello am ---and if you don't mind, hope am speaking with -----.wait for her to say yes how may I help you.
.go ahead and be bold enough to state your purpose of calling.
.also try to know her state of origin,her parents occupation
.try to make her happy by telling her stories and funny things
. concludes by saying goodbye I love you.


Toasting a girl online is similar to toasting a girl on phone
.first thing to do is to add her as your friend and when she is online message her.
.to message her, start with greatings and complement her look.example ,"hello pretty lady,how is you,".

.she might reply by saying am fine, what about you.continue by saying of course you supposed to be fine because an angel like you should be happy always,anyway am fine as long as you are fine.
.am very honoured and excited to be given a chance to chat with an angel like you, thank you so this point, she will be more than happy to continue charting with you and also would be more than happy to know more about you.
.now is time to state your reasons for charting with her.

Please if you found my information to be helpful, don't forget to share it to others.

Business ideas for women

Are you a graduate or undergraduate,employed or unemployed,are you looking for another source of income in other to support your daily life? If yes,then you have come to the right place at the right time because am about to revealed to you the best and legitimate business ideas for women just for you in regardless of your sex.

These business ideas are also good and beneficial to you because i have some inside knowledge that contrary to what most people think,capital isn't the most challenging expect of business but rather, getting a good business ideas.even the most motivated women entrepreneur sometimes struggle with deciding on the right business ideas.

you must have an idea of business you want to venture into.ideas sometimes goes together with passion.if there is something you are passionate about then willingly give it a try.because it can be the thin line between success and the saying goes,"running a business is tough but highly rewarding".

Before migrating into any business,make sure you have a clear understanding what the business is all about, know it's secret because every business has a secret, understand why people failed and why some succeeds.


A blog is an abbreviated version of "weblog", which is a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information on a platform called world wide web (WWW). typically run by an individual or a group.
On 16 February 2011,there were over 156 million public blogs in 
 existence, and estimated number of 172 million Tumblr,75.8 million wordpress blogs in existence on 20 February 2014.Blogger is one of the,if not the best popular blogging service used today.
To start a blog,you need to concentrate on a niche of your expertise (a topic that is well known to you) and get traffic by submitting your site to search engines as well as social media sites and forums
Monetize your site by applying for Google AdSense, or any other ads programs and once being approved, you can start making money with your can also make money through affiliate marketing with your blog.

Importation business

It is the process of buying goods from one country to another with the sole aim of reselling them in another country.this is how everybody in the retail business makes money (profit).you buy low, and you sell buy goods directly from China at a very cheaper rate through or the top two most reliable company.
You doesn't necessarily need to have a shop before engaging in importation business.there are many items to be imported such as wrist watch, jewelry,glasses, motor part,laptops, clothes,mobile phones and so on.

Importing doesn't have to be limited only to goods because many top companies have grown by importing services in imaginative ways.for example,a large quantity of the data entry work that used to be done in the US is now done by workers in country such as Indian and china.the companies for whom this work is being done have effectively imported the data entry service of international workers.

Freelance writing

Ask yourself these questions,am i a good writer?if yes,then you can make a lot of money as a writer just like Holly Johnson who makes up to $200,000 a year as a freelance writer.
Being a freelance writer sounds like a good dream lifestyle to many people.being a freelancer does require a certain amount of self can work for more than one companies based on your expertise or niche.
Your niche could be all about cooking, parenting, travel,marriage, fitness and so on.
there's no monthly salary that means you can earn any amount of money depending on your work.

Online teaching

Did you know that tutors are in high demand weather it's online or offline?.
Use your spare time by earning extra income online depending on your area of expertise and be willing to give up a few hours each week to help someone else.
Sites like and tutorvista are places you can sign up with and build a good reputation as a teacher.students are always willing to pay money to gain access into highly respected/recommended online webinars.
Online teachers interact with students through email, message board,chat rooms or vitual reality platform and software rather than face to face.
Some post video or audio lectures online or materials that student can download and study at their own time.
Many online teachers work as adjunct instructors.that is,they work on a contract basis and are paid per course.up to $2000 per semester.

Weak erection (causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction)

Weak erection also known as impotence or erectile dysfunction,is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual also occurs when two (2) blood vessels failed to receive enough blood being connected to your heart which makes the lining of the blood vessels to becomes too weak to get to the penis.

No marriage or relationship can be in harmony(peaceful state) without a satisfactory you know that weak erection or simply put ED can jeopardize or destroyed the most powerful love that is ever recorded.
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In other to have an erection,there needs to be proper functioning of the muscles,nerves and blood flow.while weak erection can have a psychological causes,it tends to be a sign of underlying medical issue,which makes it advisable to first discuss it with your urology.

Weak erection can be related to a mental or emotional distress that requires different types of treatments such as counseling and in some cases,it's a matter of not having enough blood flow which relates to hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Causes of weak erection(erectile dysfunction)

Causes of weak erection are usually medical but sometimes can also be psychological.low testosterone usually does not cause weak erection as people sometimes claim to be.The chief causes of weak erection are called the physical and psychological problem

Physical problem

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction are related to poor circulation of blood vessels.but they are some that also stops the free flowing of blood vessels to the penis thereby causing erectile dysfunction (weak erection) namely:
.Trauma or injury to the penis or spinal cord
.Metabolic syndrome such as having high blood pressure,high cholesterol or insulin
.Neurological condition such as Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis
.Sleep disorder
.Hormonal disorder such as thyroid cindcondi and testosterone
.Harmful drugs such as smoking,alcoholism and cocaine.

Psychological problem

Between 10%-20% of weak erection problems in men are related to psychological issue.because arousal begins in the brain.while in some cases,the psychological effect of weak erection may stern from childhood abuse or sexual trauma.however,men with weak erection states that they are experiencing the following problems

All these can cause erection problem in some men why medications like
.beta blocker
.alpha 2 adrenergic receptor agonists also causes erection problem.

*being afraid that the use of pornographic can cause weak erection have not been substantial in epidemiology studies according to a 2015 literature review.

Be sure to speak with your doctor if you start experiencing this side effect of erection.

Treatment of weak erection

If you are experiencing erectile problem,fear not because am going to list out many treatments for weak erections and they are

.drug treatment (phospho diesterase-5 PDE-5)
.online pharmacy(but check weather the pharmacy is licensed)
.surgical treatment (penile implant and vascular surgery)
.exercises(kegel exercise).

*Please don't forget to share this information to others,thanks.

Importance of adding your blogg post to Opera mini news feed

I guess you have no clear understanding how many website/blog owners out there are making it big from the blogging world based on the traffic they are generating from opera mini news feed. True or false.

Take for instance,immidiately you launch your opera browser, and wanted to type in your keywords in their search query,first thing you will notice is the large arrays of news being displayed on their default homepage.true or false?

But before we dive into the matter,let's first understand what the term,"opera mini" is all about.

Opera mini is a mobile web browser being developed by the opera software company and it's one of the world's most popular web browser that works on any phones both the java platform,android and iOS.
In July 2012,opera software reported that opera mini had 168.8 million users worldwide as of March 2012,opera had 300 million users and up to 150 million page viewers in February 2013,in 2018 it has 350 million users and up to 200 billion page viewers.

Right now, just imagine the kind of traffic and money you will be getting once your site post started featuring on opera mini news feed.

To install an opera mini browser on your device/mobile phone Click here and if you already has it,let's move over to the next topic

What to gain by adding your post to opera mini news feed

As a website/blogg owners, you can generate your income by what we called "the readers page" and the"blogging way".

The readers page

 is a process by which opera mini owners runs an advertisement on the page,it benefits is that 50% of revenue that is being generated are being shared among websites/bloggs get paid immidiately your earnings reaches up to $99.99.

The blogging way

As a webmaster (owner) you must be running some sort of advertisement on your site, either through Google AdSense or through or any other platforms.and when a reader or visitors clicks on the read more button from opera news feed and landed on your site,they will be tempted to click on any advertising the found interested in your site.


In other to qualify, your website/blogg must adhere to the following rules

Your site must be SEO friendly

your site must have a responsive template.

How to proceed in adding your site post to opera mini news feed

Open your email account and click on compose a message on recipient.

type and list out your intentions.

Click send and wait for some days for their agent to give you a reply

once the approved your request,immidiately, follow the instructions that will be handed over to you by their agent and wait for some weeks in other for them to review your work.

once being done accurately,be glad because,finally,your site post will be displayed on their news feed.

Please if you found this information to be helpful, don't forget to comment and also hit the share button.thanks

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